Slippery Guilt vs True Guilt

"Slippery" guilt vs. True guilt...Friends, this is something we are learning in our Soul Care group...One sweet friend shared that she feels guilty that though she did spend a great deal of time with her loved one who recently passed, there were times when she was too exhausted or honestly busy to spend time with her loved one. She worries that her loved one was lonely. Author Dru Scott Decker teaches about slippery guilt vs. true guilt. True guilt comes directly from the Spirit of God. This is is when we have sinned and need to confess, repent and make things right. It is for our learning and growth only beccause God doesn't want His children walking around feeling ashamed and guilty. Slippery guilt is something we place on ourselves by being overly self-critical, or what others place on us because things aren't going THEIR way, or Satan places on us bc he always wants us to feel bad and guilty. I know my friend's loved one is in heaven. She nor God is placing guilt on my friend. So, this kind of guilt needs to be released after talking it over with friends and God! It is not true guilt so let it go... If Holy Spirit is teaching...listen!
One way to handle grief is to do something kind for others in honor of your loved one's memory. Our grief group made cards for others to brighten their day as a part of this event:
Remembering what our loved ones taught us and expressing gratitude for the difference they made in our lives!

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